Sunday, December 24, 2006

Tales of the Unknown Angel

Chapter 2:Vows from the son of Yuko Hattori

...As Hanzo walk through the forest in the night
he could feel that there was gonna be another
attack from the Day Empire, that was probably
ruled by Mitzuhide Himura, son Jian Himura. Hanzo
realized that Mitzuhide would attack seeking vengence
for his fathers death and so Hanzo prepared a small
army with the men he had left from the ambush. He
prepared some traps and devised an ambush stratagy
so that when the Mitzuhide attack they could ambush
tha army and finish it off.

Hanzo then gathered everyone around.
-Hanzo-Survivors of the Night Empire we have suffered
a great loss to our Empire for my father has died. But
I beg of you to please do not loose hope for I shall
be at command now and I need of you not to think of
me as "the 15 year old son of Yuko" but to think of me
as the new Emperor the great Hanzo son of Yuko Hattori.
I vow upon my life that I will pretect you and restore
our beatifull Empire back to its former glory.

On that moment a glimmer of hope rose up an lighted up
the hearts of the survivors giving them hope and energy to
want to restore the Empire that was once theirs.

Friday, December 22, 2006


Hey people sorry that I've been lost this days
I've been kinda busy. Anyways tonight I'll tell
u my story how it all began. Tonight I'll tell u
only Chapter 1 so enjoy and keep visiting to see
the rest of my story.

Tales of the Unknown Angel
Chapter 1:The Empire of the Night

Years ago there was an empire called the Empire of the Night, named
after the fact that it could only be seen at night. It was ruled by the great
emperor Yuko Hattori and his queen Xiao Quiao. They had a child who
was named after his granfather, Hanzo Hattori. He grew up to be fine child
formidable like his father in combat and intelligent as his mother. They lived
happily in their kingdom until that tragic night when Hazon was only 15
years old. The empire was attaked by the powerfull army of the light empire
that was ruled by Jian Himura the greates rival of Yuko Hattori. The
empire was set on fire and Hanzo's parent where killed in the war filling
his heart with anger and vengence. Hanzo, during war, quickly took command of
the army and managed to repel the attack from the light empire and killed
Jian Himura with the same sword his father was wielding, The Sword of Aegis.
The Empire was completely burned down and only a few had survived. Hanzo
then took control and started to regrup all the survivor in order to restore
the empire but everyone had lost hope. Hanzo soon started to loose hope too
and fell asleep. Soon he found himself in a dark place where he could not see
anything not even his hands. He heard a voice calling him "Hanzo".He
tried to follow it but it was too dark, suddently a bright light covered his.
"Whos there" he said "Dont be afraid" said the misterious voice "You must
not loose hope for you are the new Emperor of my kingdom and our
people need you. By that time Hazon realized that it was Yuko his father
who was talking to him and tear ran down his cheek. "Father I wont let
you down" said Hanzo crying "Dont cry my son it will not take u anywhere
be strong and dont let the people down show them that you are truly
the son of Yuko Hattori". In that moment Hanzo woke up and went for a

To be continued...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Behind the Door"

Im still in the twilight
searching the bright light.
I see a door
I wonder in my mind
what could be behind?
I reach for the door
and suddently I sunk in the floor.
I try to get out
but my body is tired out.
Then a small piece of light gets me up
I find myself infront of the door.
I open it hoping to find death
in order to have one last breath
and end this pain
that runs through my veins.
Suddently I see an angel
as beatiful as it could be.
I faint and feel its warmth holding me.
When I look into the angels face
I see that its you holding me with grace.
Now I know that your my light
the light that shine bright........

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"Rose of Fantasy"

In the twilight lies
a flower that never dies.
Such beauty, inmense fantasy.
In the twilight of my heart
in a very especific part
a rose that keep me alive
prevents me from being a lie.
I can feel its warmth
as if I was in your arms.
Today I see the light,
light in my eyes
and now I know
that my rose of fantasy is you.
You are the sins in my body,
you are the guardian of my heart,
the keeper of my soul
and the knowledge in my mind.
You'll forever be in my heart,
I'll never leave you.............
.....You will allways be MY ROSE OF FANTASY

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

IM BAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well im back people and i have new
tricks of my sleeves and as you can see
i have new thing im the page:
1.Now u can chat with me in the chat box
2.U have a video of Kingdom hearts i love it
3.You can watch my video of my Second Dan
Karate Exam, the last jump i had to do to finish.

Well for now thats all ill se if i can put a song in the page
but first i have to figure out how...
Well till next time hope u like it and HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Welcome to my lair.Im the the
Night Baron.I am whats left of
krad and dark.I am as wise as they
were and as strong as they were.
Enjoy my lair.

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